Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love visitors!

So a few weeks ago, my good friend Marci came to stay with me for a spell. Its always nice to have friends over, and she was no exception. We had some good times.
While she was here, Marci worked on some concept pieces for an upcoming job possibility. Thoroughly inspired, I decided to do some concept stuff too.
some turned into one...
and even then...
not quite done!
But above is the 'not quite done' version, as well as the initial dip pen sketch of it. Keep coming back to my page, because the finished version will be up soon.
Oh and on the right is an old water colour (yes i use water colour in weird ways sometimes) I did of a dead Merrigold.
(and yes I know i spelt 'colour' horribly wrong in the picture. i was rushed and etc, etc...)

Monday, September 22, 2008

sketch sketch sketch!!

So the legendary Eric Goldberg reviewed my portfolio the other day at the 2008 Ottowa Animation Festival. What he said was so very inspiring!!! During that weekend, our car got broken into, and we spent over 14 hours on the road there and back(6 there and 8 back) when it should have been 8 (four there and four back) amongst other mishaps, but it was all still worth it for me because of Mr Goldberg!!
He said he loved the little birds on the top right on this page, amongst other things. Moreover according to him, 'Visual Developement' was my strong suit and that I should persue that. He also liked my character designs.....yes im still on cloud 9......

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bye bye!!

More dumping...this was the layout for my final uni film. I wash my hands of that now with much relief!