Thursday, November 28, 2013

Logo Design

Variations on a logo I have been working on for a client


Mock up designs for a recent client. Very subtle differences. 

Look what I found!

My old college demo reel :)

BBC Motion Graphics

Last year I did some work for the BBC. It was an animated motion graphics segment for a television show focusing on English as a second language. I enjoyed it quite a bit and had the opportunity to work with well known industry names. Not only did I get to come up with, board and animate - I also directed the voice actors and put the segment together. 
Since it was a show focused on learning, I was advised to stay away from the flashy, slick type of motion graphics animation one sees in adverts. Rather the animation needed to occur very slowly for the viewer to register the lesson, and not be distracted by effects or images. 
I have added some music here different to what was used in the show, to liven it up a bit. Copyright DJ Cam. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More digital warmups

A quick digital painting

One day I would like to have a little pond...and a garden to keep it in. 


Never got into it myself, but people in yoga poses are quite fun to sketch.

A poster I did for a concert

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just messing about

So it seems as if the people at Adobe decided to get rid of the FPS editor in Photoshop CS6. CS5 had it, and then they put it back in CC. Does anyone know why? Thank goodness I had an old copy of CS5.5 lying around otherwise that would have been quite annoying.