Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Into Technicolour

The leica for my fourth year film.

There are alot of things I could have done better, or done differently, but the point of it was to prove to myself that I can finish something like a whole film within a deadline and come out unhindered. I am very glad that I could do that for myself.


cool1 said...
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moralman said...

Whoa, didn't know you bloggers could be so profound.

Beautiful take on the mystical journey. Great job!

The swan in the lonely expanse around her. A being from the world of light encourages her to dive under the surface of her known reality.

You've got everything in here!

The Master opens her up to a whole new world, full of light and colour. And, though beautiful, she cannot stay in the world of light and beauty forever--she doesn't belong. Now returned, she is--changed; she is filled with Light and fills her own world, and the worlds of those with whom she shares it, with light and love.

Not to mention the swan's puffy cheeks while holding her breath underwater--awesome!